Individual and Group Therapy

Amanda Louie, MA 
Licensed Professional Counselor
Doctoral Student Intern

A little about me.

I believe we can all enact change in our lives.

Life is full of experiences, transitions, and relationships that help shape the way we understand ourselves and others. How we learn to cope and relate to others in the present and future strongly reflects our interactions with others in the past. I believe the centrality of relationships is also at the core of counseling. Together, we will create a space of growth and healing as we navigate the various difficulties and changes that life brings. Counseling is a collaborative process where I walk alongside you not as a guide, but as a partner. In working together, I hope to create a space that reflects my values of respect, social justice, equity, and autonomy. My hope is that through our work, you feel seen and heard, as well as experience me as authentic and genuine. I incorporate lots of humor, creativity, and flexibility as we work together to create lasting change that allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

While all behaviors exist for a reason and serve a purpose for us, not all of them help us strive towards meaning and health. I believe change occurs when we are able to select alternative actions than those previously chosen. As we gain insight and understanding into our current behaviors and factors maintaining them, we are able to select different options that in turn, reinforce positive change in functioning.

I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor and a doctoral student of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University. I am supervised by Dr. Tara Sanderson.

When I'm not providing counseling or doing school related activities, you can find me all over Portland looking for the best food or cuddling with my dog! I also enjoy cooking and baking, attempting to not kill my houseplants, hiking, and watching TV.

Professional Disclosure Statement

Payment and Fees for Service

Individual Counseling
(in person or online)

$160 a session
Insurance Accepted:
Health Advocate EAP,
Canopy EAP
HealthSmart EAP

Group Counseling
(in person or online)

$50 a session

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11845 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223, US

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