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2023 Update!

We have received a grant funding our Supervisor Training Program through funding of the bill Oregon HB 2949 which was passed in 2021.

This grant created a funding stream to  expand supervision and support for Culturally and Linguistically representative services for clinicians and supervisors.

There were a lot of other components to the bill - so here’s a link if you are interested in looking at it!

Grant Timeline

Grant Announced! 

December 2022


Figuring out the details

January 2023

I am getting all the ducks in a row and looking for trainers and supervisors!
If you are interested in participating - Please reach out using this form.

Training Phase

February 2023 - June 2023

We will be training the following sections:
* Basic
* Intermediate
* Culturally Specific (LBGTQIA2s+, Black, Veterans, Rural)
* Technology

Supervising Phase

June 2023 - December 2023

Candidates will be able to provide supplementary supervision to a clinician.

We will be providing individual and group supervision during this phase. 

As well as attend on going training. 

Interested in Participating? 

We are looking for the following: 
* Supervisor Consultants for Training and Consulting
* Supervisor In Training Applicants
* Supervisee Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Licensed Clinician Ready to be a supervisor? 

We would love to have you in our program. Most of the other training programs in Oregon cost about 500.00 for the 30 hour training course and then you have to pay for supervision of supervision. Because of the grant we are able to offer this for free in 2023!

Are you a Professional Counselor Associate or Psychologist Resident that wants to be a supervisor someday? 

Great! Although we are prioritizing folks who are able to be supervisors after completing the class - we are also looking for folks who are passionate about supervision! So go ahead and apply and let's see if we can get you in. 

Why are you prioritzing people from four specific communities? 

The state of Oregon's grant application process asked us to identify populations that needed Culturally and Linguistically appropriate support. Our office already has a history of working with the LBGTQIA2s+, Veterans, Black and Rural Communities so we prioritized this for our grant. 
People from these  communities historically have not had good luck accessing or continuing ability to access services because of racism, hatred, lack of understanding or acceptance. This has long standing impacts for generations. Increasing understanding, support and affirmation of the mental health, social and cultural needs for these communities by dedicated and direct training and support provides an opportunity to disrupt the generational distress and move toward better outcomes. Representation matters when attempting to change generational dynamics, especially within community of mental health practitioners. Increasing education from those outside of these communities and cultures, and increasing access to education by those within these communities and cultures from some of the best and brightest in the field of supervision will mean continued support for those who are serving these populations for many generations.

What is the time commitment? 

For Supervisor Consultants - Anywhere between 1 hour and 20 hours over the course of 11 months
For Supervisee in Training - Approximately 4 hours per week for 11 months. 
For Supervisees looking for Free Supervision - approximately 6-12 hours over the course of 6 months. 


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