Professional Seminar

How to start a private practice

There are articles, blogs and courses that say: You can start a private practice in 3 easy steps! Those courses will give you some of the basics of how to get started (pick a name, get a website, connect with your community). But they will not walk you step by step through how to start a successful business as a therapist.

In my course my first goal is to give you the tools to run your business - from setting up the business and financial systems to marketing and when it is time to expand. You already have the skills to be a great therapist - now learn how to be an awesome business owner!

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Applied Interventions

One of my favorite things to talk about is Applied Interventions. I love consulting with clinicians and talking about ideas of how to work with clients using specific interventions that will help their clients grow. I consult with brand new launching clinicians and clinicians that have been in the field forever. I believe everyone can learn new things and grow by consulting with others. 

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