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Couples, Marriage and Family Therapy

In this style of therapy we are focused on the relationship between the people in the room. Unlike individual therapy where the focus is on one person's goals - the counselor for couples or family therapy is looking at patterns and behaviors that are complicating or constricting the relationship. The goal is to help the people in relationship learn how to communicate, complement each other and create a relationship that bonds people together.

At Dr. Sanderson and Associates we have one student intern each year who provides these services. This student has special training to be able to work with couples and families and is under the supervision of two skilled professionals.

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During this season of caution we respect your health and want to make sure we are providing a safe environment for your growth. We have all been trained on how to provide Telehealth (Video Therapy) to clients from the safety of their own home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Couples Counseling like?

The therapist and the couple meet regularly to identify patterns and struggles in the relationship. During the session they work together to find ways that the couple can grow and work together to develop skills to have a better relationship.
The couples therapist will likely use interventions like slowing things down, or learning different ways of communicating to help you understand the ways that you can successfully integrate new ways of bonding with your partner.

Do we have to be married to get these services?

Nope! The name Marriage Counseling is kind of an older term. Couples, Marriage and Family therapy are all kind of interchangeable. People come to therapy in dating relationships, committed relationships, poly relationships, married relationships and family relationships.

The other misconception is that you have to be in "trouble" to start couples counseling - Nope! You can start to build a great relationship with couples counseling - even if you aren't arguing and bickering! Get started early and build a solid foundation in your relationships.

How is family therapy different?

Family therapy is often a group of family members (usually immediate - but not always).

Family therapy might look like: 
Two parents and their children or
a mother and daughter or
a group of siblings or
an inter-generational family

What is the first session like?

During the first session the therapist will want to learn about your families story. There will likely be questions for each member of the group (or couple) and want to understand what the goals are of working together.

Will we get any time individually with the therapist?

This will depend on the needs of each family. The therapist may ask to meet with you individually and then come back together to the group.

What does it cost?

Couples, Marriage and Family therapy are offered by George Fox Marriage and Family Therapy Student Intern. They receive extra training and support to facilitate these services. The cost for these services is $35.00 a session. There are scholarships available.


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